You’ve got this.

You hit the weight room, run until your lungs burn, and stay up late to do homework.

If you post, like, or share something toxic or offensive on social media, all that work could go to waste.

Even something you posted years ago that’s toxic or offensive could cost you a scholarship or professional opportunity.

Reviewing thousands of posts you’ve written, liked, or shared over the years sounds impossible, right?
It’s not. In fact . . .

It’s simple, and it’s free.

Our Social Risk Report will review your social media history and show you things you may want to edit or delete.

If you’d like to have your social media history cleaned up with the click of a button, we can help there, too.

In a 2017 survey, 11% of collegiate registrars and admission officers revealed they have “denied admission based on social media content.”

Unlike a bad haircut, your social media history never grows out.

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