About Us


SocialMetrics provides the SafeSocial platform to protect your brand’s reputation and ensure compliance in the dynamic space of social media and popular culture. We use a combination of account credential protection (our proprietary “Glovebox” technology) and network-layer Intercept Tech. We pre-emptively capture outbound social media posts, and use NLP and AI to identify and block content that could damage your brand or fall outside compliance boundaries.

Companies face many challenges as they expand their use of social media. On the one hand, social media provides rich and expanding space for them to find new customers and engage with existing customers. On the other hand, the nature of social media makes it a fast-paced, less structured form of communication between companies and their customers. That opens the door for communication that can do serious damage to a brand’s reputation and bottom line.

We see news reports daily of posts on social media channels that do serious damage to individual and brand reputation. Some posts are accidental, while some are published by people with malicious intent. Either way, once a damaging post goes live on social media, it lives forever on the internet.

The SafeSocial platform uses proprietary technology to monitor and analyze social media posts before they’re published to increase safety and maximize your brand’s social media impact.

When your company uses SocialMetrics as an insurance layer with your chat and social media tools, you get the assurance that all content–text and images–is evaluated before it’s published, and anything with the potential to violate your company’s social media policies is flagged and blocked before its published.

Currently, we’re inviting a limited number of participants to join our alpha rollout We’re working closely with companies interested in the solution we offer and willing to help us advance along our roadmap

Meet the Team

Keith Klundt

Co-founder and CEO

Keith has lead product and technology teams at large enterprises, startups and early stage companies for 20 years, several of which have experienced successful exits, including OrangeSoda and Green River Capital.

Keith combines strong customer-oriented product development practices with his experience creating technology teams that execute at a high level. He’s managed budgets and teams for such large, international organizations as the LDS Church Physical Facilities IT Department, and lead an organizational transformation of Backcountry.com’s IT organization when it was struggling to scale and deliver.

As an independent consultant, Keith has worked with CIOs and CEOs at public and private corporations including Omnicell, Clayton Homes, USANA Health Sciences, and Great Western Insurance, to improve the abilities of their IT organizations to deliver and innovate.

Keith has an MBA from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.

Patrick Evans


Patrick Evans is a seasoned technologist with over 10 years of industry experience at many successful companies involved in enterprise SaaS products, location-based social networking, and ecommerce. He has been an integral part of the technology teams of two startups which exited above $100M. He was in the trenches at Backcountry.com, helping to scale the operation as it grew from $35M in annual sales to $200M+ in three years. More recently, Patrick helped develop one of the world’s most successful dating apps from a few thousand to over one million Daily Active Users.

Chris Tanseer

Co-founder and Senior Software Engineer

Chris was the first software engineer to work on the SafeSocial platform. After completing intensive code camp training in 2014, Chris began working as a full-stack software engineer on multiple projects. He’s held senior software engineer positions at Fidelity Investments and Finicity. Chris as a PhD in Literature from the University of Utah.

Charles VanAusdal

Co-founder and CIO

Charles began his career in the 1980s specializing in network technologies. Through the 80s and 90s, as networking technology developed and matured, Charles achieved a number of certifications and was a sought-after expert across the country for enterprise network projects involving a variety of technologies.

Several years ago, Charles took note of multiple social media incidents having a negative impact on companies and individuals. He wondered at the time why there wasn’t a tool to protect people from that kind of self-imposed harm. After some research convinced him that there was no solution available, he decided to develop one.

Daniel Redmond

Data Scientist

Daniel develops the machine learning algorithms and proprietary AI services on the SafeSocial platform. Prior to his involvement with us, Daniel was VP of Data Science and Machine Learning at Bark, a mobile app company that allows parents to monitor their children’s text messages, email, and social channel interactions.

Daniel brings a unique understanding of how to analyze language in social media interactions to identify such categories as profanity, toxicity, attacks and bullying.

Daniel holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and BS in Computer Science from Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Bob Beelek


Bob has been involved as an investor, advisor, and leader in technology companies.