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We’ve all seen the damage that a social media controversy can do to individuals and brands. It doesn’t matter if the messages are accidental or if they were created years ago: once something toxic, profane, or offensive is published, it’s only a matter of time before it is discovered.

The SafeSocial platform combines account credential protection (our proprietary “Glovebox” technology) and network-layer intercept tech to preemptively capture outbound social media posts. Then, natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence get to work identifying and blocking content that could damage your brand.

Using SafeSocial with your chat and social media tools will evaluate all content (text and images) before it goes live. Anything with the potential to violate your company’s social media policies is flagged and blocked before its published.

Our Team

Charles VanAusdal


Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, the idea and technology map came from Charles VanAusdal’s imagination to reality. 

John Lindquist


John Lindquist, has a resume that includes serving on multiple boards of directors for both companies and non-profit organizations, with honors and awards to match. Lindquist brings his experience and success to his role as CEO of Safe Social.

Keith Klundt

Co-Founder & Director of Product Development

For over 20 years, Keith has led product and technology teams that design and build technology to support online marketing, financial services, and eCommerce. As a co-founder, Keith leads the product and technology teams that create inovative solutions in order to protect brands on social media.

Charles Lindquist

Product Manager

Charles Lindquist, graduate of University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, supports clients use of the this advanced technology protecting their brand throughout social media.

Britton Johnsen

Director of Sales

Britton’s experiences run the gamut from playing in the NBA to his time as a motivational speaker. His presentations include tools to help change students in schools and employees in businesses. His unpretentious presentation about the realities of life is able to motivate youth groups and corporate America alike.

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