Conversations come and go, but your social media history lasts forever.

With one click, SafeSocial can help you clean up your social media history and give you a competitive edge. And it’s free!

Our Social Risk Report will show you social posts, comments, likes, and shares that contain profanity, toxicity, or attacks.


Take control of your future by cleaning up your social media past. 

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  • 86% of NCAA athletes earn a college degree.
  • College graduates earn $1 million more
    than high school graduates over their lifetime.

When it comes to college recruiting, you deserve a level playing field.

Did you know that colleges scour social media posts, looking for any sign of offensive, profane, racist, or sexist content? Don’t let a lapse in judgment jeopardize your college career or life goals.

Athletic Departments

You’re responsible for your school’s reputation, and you want to help athletes succeed in school and beyond.

Make sure social media doesn’t damage either your school or the athletes who represent you.

  • Student use of social media is increasing, and repercussions from toxic social posts affect both the student and the school.

Help your school and students avoid controversy and embarrassment.

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