Clean up your past.
Protect your future.

SafeSocial helps you find posts from your past that could damage your reputation. Our mobile app warns you in real-time when you’re about to post something you might regret.

Social Risk Reports

Identify any potentially toxic posts from your entire social media history and delete immediately with a click of a button.


Thinking of hiring someone on your team? With Prospect, you can do a serach of their social media and know if their history is toxic or safe.

Real Time Intercept

Protect your brand, your employees, your family, and your reputation. Instantly review every post before going live!



Your employees represent your brand. Your employees use social media. Protect them both.

We’ve all seen the damage that a social media controversy can do to individuals and brands. It doesn’t matter if the messages are accidental or if they were created years ago: once something toxic, profane, or offensive is published, it’s only a matter of time before it is discovered.

Don’t put your brand at risk.

Let SafeSocial provide real-time protection from the ever-changing pitfalls of social media​

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Family & Individual

You don’t have to think twice before posting.

We do that for you.


Whether you are a family with young teens that are online for the first time, or a working professional that wants to clean up a long social media history and prevent future problems, SafeSocial can help protect you from saying something f*#&*%g stupid online!

The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Sharing.

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3. We get everyone set up, trained, and ready to go!